Volunteer Benefits Program

Volunteers devote an average of 10 hours per month to advocate for our most vulnerable population, notwithstanding their busy schedules. Because our volunteers give so selflessly, CASA Baltimore offers the Volunteer Benefits Program. 

Last summer, volunteers had gentle yoga sessions with Dr. Jessica Lu at Canton Waterfront Park. We cannot wait until it is that time of year again! 

As we move into the new year, our collaboration with House of Skinner Wellness is evolving, and we are excited to bring our volunteers even better holistic wellness services! Starting February 2022, House of Skinner Wellness will provide volunteers with live virtual and in-person workout opportunities, recorded workouts to use at your convenience, information and links to relevant health topics, and new quick healthy recipes every month! 

If you’re interested in the Virtual Wellness Center, click here to reserve your spot for a free membership! We can add new volunteers to the Virtual Wellness Center at the beginning of each month. 



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