Bedtime in a Box

CASA of Baltimore advocates for children 0-21 years old, focusing on recommending services for trauma-informed care and development support for each child – especially the child’s development prior to attending school. Younger children, ages 0-7, experience higher rates of maltreatment than older children; and therefore, need more support at a younger age to alleviate the negative effects of child abuse and neglect later in life. Studies show that children that have experienced maltreatment have a range of mental health issues and development and behavioral problems. 

Bedtime in a Box, an organization that supports the health and educational development of children, provides age appropriate boxes that includes materials and tools for families with children that have experienced trauma. Each box contains age appropriate books; bath wash, a towel, and bath toys; a toothbrush and toothpaste; pajamas; a stuffed animal; an alarm clock; a learning kit; and a routine log to support the development of children. Not only do they provide these materials to families, they link these materials to a routine that happens every night, prompting multiple positive effects on mental health and education. Bedtime in a Box has been highly successful in improving early indicators of success for children. 

CASA of Baltimore partnered with Bedtime in a Box to provide CASA children between the ages of 0 and 5 with a box to support their development and education while they are in a foster home placement. Each box, specifically tailored for each age, provides emotional and educational support for a child that has experienced separation and the necessary tools to adapt and thrive in their new home. This program provides support for CASA children as they transition to new foster homes, creating stability and building relationships between foster parent and child.

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